30 September 2008

This week

this week i am going to see some good bands. i'm going to see yip-yip on thursday @ some place called the mink in houston.

on saturday, i'm going to see ra ra riot and walter meego @ rudyard's. i've never been to either place.

i'm hoping to meet some people into some decent music. i have been here 9 months and haven't really met anyone that doesn't listen to whatever is force fed to them. it's aggravating.

hopefully heading down into a city of 4 million+ people, i will find my musical brethren.

we shall see. i hope to update with reviews and pics from both shows.

sadly, all 3 bands have come through my hometown of 35,000 people in new york. and so far, it seems people there are more open to new music than in texas. i really hope to be proven wrong.