05 June 2011

it's been a boring Sunday....but i'll take it.

forced myself to sleep in until 8 this morning. had a few drinks last night and passed out pretty early.

had a bowl of Post Selects 'Cranberry Almond Crunch' with a cut up banana and a piece of peanut butter toast to start my day. the gym here doesn't open until 10am so I was sitting in the parking lot at 9:50 patiently awaiting.

did 3.5 miles which I was rather impressed with. i need to set a goal so that i have something to train for. 5k, 10k, anything really. the ultimate goal is a half marathon although i know i'm a ways away from that.

after a brief workout with weights i headed home and made a post workout smoothie that was delicious.

i had planned on getting up on the roof and blowing the leaves off from the storm we had 2 weeks ago but i don't have a ladder and my neighbors aren't home. it's a 100 degrees right now so maybe that's not a bad thing but i leave for NY next week and the house is up for sale so i'd like it to look as nice as possible.

i made a marinade for the boneless chicken breast that i'm going to grill tonight. it was pretty simple really. it only required soy sauce, sherry wine, vegetable oil, brown sugar and garlic. i didn't have any fresh garlic so i used a bit of garlic powder. i hope that's ok. the vegetables for a side are pretty slim right now so it appears i'll be having broccoli and most likely brown rice. i'm okay with that.

i'm attempting to watch some documentary on netflix called "Killer at Large". it showed a 12 year old getting liposuction. gross. i definitely wasn't the healthiest eater at that age but i'm sure glad i never had to go through anything like that. it's sad how obesity is affected our youth and they're not educated enough to do something about it.

i'm still waiting on amazon to credit me for the dvd's, games, random crap i didn't want so that I can get a kindle. so many books i want to read and i'll finally have the time to do it.

how's your weekend? does anyone read this? at some point i hope to take this blog more serious and improve on the layout and overall content. add that to my list!

30 May 2011

just another manic monday....

the rest of my sunday was rather relaxing. i made a vegetable stir fry with brown rice that was absolutely delicious and went for an outside run in the 90 degree heat. after doing ab ripper x, and hitting the gym for a workout yesterday, my body can definitely use a day off to recoup.

i managed to sleep probably close to 10 hours. i never sleep that much. i was in bed at 10 but i was watching some streaming tv on hulu so i'm not quite sure what time i actually fell asleep.

cleo expects me to be up at 5am every day to feed her, so if i'm not up, she meow's and it echoes throughout the whole house. i quickly went back to bed after that.

this morning I had some banana nut crunch cereal topped with a banana and fat free milk. i had a glass of oj on the side and finished it off with a cup of coffee from the keurig. i love that thing!

photo (1)

i think i was/am supposed to help with yardwork today but the whereabouts of the person i am to be helping is unknown. until then i think i will clean up my car a bit and pack a few things that i can put in storage since i'll be leaving in 12 days.

i've been watching a little bit of the french open. i used to be obsessed with tennis. i played a little over a month ago for the first time in years. it was a great workout. i need to get back into it.

29 May 2011

Sunday Funday

so i actually forced myself to stay in bed until 8am today. I'm usually up at 5am for work but since I actually have 2 days off (with monday being a holiday), I decided to go for it and catch up on some sleep. i'm sure it helped that i had 5 beers last night also.

nonetheless I got up and made myself 2 eggs and toast with oj and had a cup of coffee followed by a cup of tea. the gym i go to doesn't open until 10 on sundays so i read a few blogs and put some music on my phone then headed for a workout.

i ran 20 minutes straight which is good for me. still not where i want to be but i'm getting there and slowly increasing my speed. overall i did 2.5 miles. still not 5k worthy but i'll get there.

after 30 mins on the treadmill i did some upper body exercises since i've been trying to make it look like i have at least some kind of muscle in the chest area. i increased the weight on most of the machines and did as many reps as i could.

headed to smoothie king afterwards for a chocolate hulk. almost 900 calories in the small size. yum! i think i'm addicted to them.

went to target to get some new headphones since mine disappeared and the ones that come with the iphone are not ideal for running. i hope these ones work better so i don't look like an idiot adjusting them every 2 seconds.

target always has the best deals on smart water. my favorite water ever. the larger bottles weren't on sale but i got 10 700ml bottles and a 6 pack of 700ml bottles for $10. you can't beat that price.

other than that i picked up some bread, a card for my dad's birthday which is tuesday (i won't even be able to mail it out til then...fail), some razors and hair dye. i'm very self-conscious about being 32 and gray and have been dying my hair for probably 15 years. i don't see myself stopping until 40. then i can be distinguished.

not sure what i have planned for the rest of this day. organizing, packing, relaxing and eating some of the delicious cherries and watermelon i bought yesterday.

28 May 2011


i hope to start blogging more in the near future. and what started off as a music blog will most likely change into an overall life blog. with the recent changes that have occurred during the last month or so, better yet, the last year or so, i've been increasingly more interested in health and exercise.

in 2 weeks i'll be leaving texas and heading back to ny for the summer. i think it will ultimately be good for me but i'm going to miss it here. except the heat. and driving around with no ac. but that will soon change. i'm going to use this time off to reflect on the last 3 and a half years here. what went wrong, what went right and what i can do to make it better.

i just traded in all my dvd's and games to amazon via their trade in program. check it out if you haven't heard of it. you get an amazon gift card which will be purchasing me a kindle. for the longest time i wanted an ipad and even a nook but i know that ultimately i would spend less time reading and more time checking facebook or watching videos or basically anything that wasn't reading.

speaking of facebook, i love it for keeping in touch with people but i'm starting to really notice how much of an effect it has on people's lives and i don't like it. i'm therefore putting an effort to reduce my time spent there. it's a time suck that's for sure. working at a bank (especially in the drive thru) I help many customers who are so preoccupied with their phones that they can't even say hi. it's insane. go to a bar, look around. you'll see groups of people hanging out but they're all on their phone. why can't we enjoy the company we are with? if those people were worth your time, they'd be hanging out with you, not texting or posting on fb.

sorry for that rant. back on topic. so anyway, i plan on reading, running, working out and learning to eat as healthy as possible while still gaining weight (muscle mass hopefully). and once and for all quitting smoking. I won't be able to afford it in NY anyways. especially while i'm not working.

hopefully my plans all work out. i think if they do it'll be amazing for me and give me the strength i need to keep moving forward, especially when i'm back in texas and back at school.

11 May 2011


frustration is near 100% for me right now. thought it would get better as time passed but it's only gotten worse.

33 days until I'm back in New York for a bit....

hopefully I'll have some resolution by then but I doubt it.

how can you say goodbye to someone you love so much and still see every day?

the feelings are still one sided yet we have so much fun together. At least to me we do. I've been emotionally shut out and it fucking sucks.

at this point I never want to be home. im working 50+ hours a week until I leave.

and on that note I should get back to work. more later....

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24 April 2011

change in format for the next 6 months....

while I intended this blog to be more of a music, technology & beer blog, it hasn't quite worked that way. consistency has been the main issue, with life being the main reason I haven't kept up with it. so in an effort to be more proactive with blogging, i've chosen the topic of life to blog about. most importantly, my life. if will be more a way for me to organize my thoughts but hopefully if you stumble upon this, it will help you as well. There's a lot of changes that will be happening for me, some changes which have happened before, I just hope and plan to deal with those changes differently than I have before.

my current status:

recently single and still living in the same house with my now ex-gf. This is the most difficult thing I've ever had to do. I'm doing my best to remain supportive and help out wherever I can, mostly because I still care deeply for this girl and should've made the necessary steps to avoid her eventual disinterest in me so that I could've made her my wife.

be that as it may, you can't make someone love you.

i can't be here right now. definitely not here in the same house, definitely not in this area. my friends and family are 1500 miles away and that's who I need most right now. I'm trying to finish school and have been doing quite well and will be attending classes online for the remainder of the year so that I don't lose any ground. i'll be back. i can tell. i love Texas i really do.

i haven't made as many friends here as i'd have liked to, especially close ones. but the friends I have made are lifelong friends and i'm very thankful to have them in my life.

during the next two months i'll be trying to get my life back in order and ready to relocate temporarily.

i have a lot to do. i need to take a leave of absence from work, find storage for what little personal belongings i do have and make sure my car can make the 1500 mile drive. i need to work really hard to make sure i get all this done, on top of finishing school in the next couple weeks. i look forward to the challenge. i think things like this, while somewhat devastating to me, will make me stronger.

19 February 2011

I will be here....

And some of the bands I'll be interested in checking out will be...


I'm sure there will be more....but those are the ones I'm def into seeing. And the $10 blind presale was the best idea ever.