25 November 2008


*Aids Wolf*
*_Cities of Glass_*

Like many other completely annoying Canadian artists/bands, (Nickelback, Bryan Adams, Celine Dion) the latest from Canadian noise-rock band Aids Wolf entitled "Cities of Glass" is hardly even worth taking the time to write about. The only hope is that someone who is on the fence about the band will read this and decide not to listen to them - if you can even call them a band. Perhaps if this was their first release and they will still trying to figure out their "sound" one could at least be a tad more lenient. But unfortunately, they have released a string of albums since their formation in 2005. Apparently anyone who records a bunch of noise with no songwriting skills whatsoever can have a career working with Skin Graft Records, the label crazy enough to actually sign them. Even listening to the album with an open mind (perhaps there would be some hidden talent... somewhere?) is fruitless - there is not one song on this album worth listening to. It leaves you wishing for precious moments of your life back and yearning to listen to someone from Canada with some kind of substance. Even Snow would bring me endless moments of joy after this. A licky boom boom down makes more sense than anything from Aids Wolf. And that's quite depressing. If you happen to be one of the 21,968 friends on their Myspace, do yourselves a favor and delete them now.
(Skin Graft Records -- P.O. Box 1543, O'Fallon, MO 63366; http://www.skingraftrecords.com ; Aids Wolf -- http://www.aidswolf.net )

*The Mother Truckers*
*_Let's All Go To Bed_*

This Austin, Texas based band has brought a tinge of country, rock & blues in their latest recording "Let's All Go To Bed", creating a pleasantly surprising sound even to a country novice. The album starts out with the rockin' 'Dynamite' which finds dual vocalists Teal Collins & Josh Zeal trading off verses. Zeal exhibits impressive lead guitar work, with unexpected technicality from a country-esque band. Collins' voice is strong and compliments the music very well. To be honest, though, her voice is preferable in the lead position than Zeal; not that he isn't an adequate singer, but her voice fits the music much better. Another standout on the album has to be 'Never Miss My Baby'. The second half of the album slows things down a bit, focusing a bit more on country and folk and less on the rock side of things. It's not bad by any means but it just isn't as striking as the first half. One can definitely tell that these musicians have been honing their craft for quite some time and have developed a niche that works for them and their fans. The biggest
complaint has to be the "metal horn" logo with the cowboy hat - nowadays it appears as if everyone is using it. Check these guys out now before your friend who doesn't even really like music finds out about 'em.

(Funzalo Records -- P.O. Box 35880 Tucson, AZ 85740; http://www.funzalorecords.com/ ; The Mother Truckers -- http://www.themothertruckers.com/ )

13 November 2008

It's about that time....

for people to start considering their favorite albums o' the year. I will hopefully provide you with a few people's different lists and hopefully you'll check out some of the bands and find one you like. There's a chance these lists could change, so technically they are tentative. But the chance of an album blowing my mind in the next month and a half is slim. Ok. Here's the first one. Enjoy!!

10. Santogold "Santogold"

9. Roisin Murphy "Overpowered"

8. Walter Meego "Voyager"

7. Duffy "Rockferry"

6. MGMT "Oracular Spectacular"

5. Dragonette "Galore" [US Release]

4. Land of Talk "Some Are Lakes"

3. Chromeo "Fancy Footwork" [Deluxe Edition]

2. Obi Best "Capades"

1. Ra Ra Riot "The Rhumb Line"

Of Montreal - 11/12/08 @ Warehouse Live - Houston, TX

So, I was totally stoked for the Of Montreal show last night. It was supposed to be a good time – set lists from the tour had promised a fair amount of their older material mixed in with stuff from their new album (which, incidentally, has been panned by pretty much all the other fans I know. (read: myself and Rob.) )

Such was not the case for the Houston show. It was mostly material from their new album, plus maybe three good songs in there (Id Engager, So Begins Our Alabee, The Outback Steakhouse song, etc.) But that wasn't the only problem with the show. There were so many, I feel a list is necessary:

1. DANCERS IN PIG MASKS: Seriously? Like, why does this band that makes (usually) good, quirky indie pop music feel the need to turn their stage show into a Ziggy Stardust on crack freakshow extravaganza? I don't need 5 or 6 other people on an already crowded stage – more on that later – to make Of Montreal interesting. Nor do I enjoy going to shows that have a splash zone. Please don't throw bacon at me. Also, how are they affording this? They had more dancers than Beyonce. Maybe. I have no factual information to back that claim up.

2. SOUND MIXING FOR DUMMIES: Ugh. Warehouse Live is, as the name suggests, and old warehouse with big concrete walls and very high ceilings, so it's understandable that there would be some reverberation, but it's been a venue for a couple of years, and you'd think they would have figured out how to appropriately mix the bands to sound, oh, I dunno, somewhat good at least by now. At yet, they have not. Shame!

3. 3 BASSES? SURELY YOU JEST!: Rob leaned over at one point and remarked that there were three bassists playing at one time. I couldn't tell because I am a midget, but he was right. I still can't figure out the point of that. Or why they needed 2 drum kits on stage, and why every band member switched instruments several times to play something that someone else was already playing. It felt a little like they were boasting – "Hey, look how multi-talented each of us is!"




7. THE CROWD: Between the high school hipsters, thieving Asians, and overly psyched lesbians, I could barely keep my composure. Where did all the cool people go that just want to listen to music and not booty dance in a shirt with an enormous tiger on the back. Yeah, I'm talking about you, guy to my right.

So overall, I lost some respect for Of Montreal last night. (Which is less than Rob lost. We'll miss you, camera.) Tone it down, and maybe I'll go see them again. MAYBE. I hold a long grudge.

06 November 2008

05 November 2008

Bye Bye Erica!!!

While many of you were tuned into election coverage, I was watching the latest episode of Paris Hilton's My New BFF.

Who got TTFN'd?

This girl.

Kiki. And I was glad to see her go. Her smug attitude is not what Paris needs in a BFF.

Who's tuning in for the new 50 Cent reality show tomorrow? I know I am!!!

03 November 2008

Fuck You, Trent Reznor.

Today I received this email from the one and only front-man from the "MUSICAL" group, 'Nine Inch Nails'

Next Tuesday we will elect the next President of the United States. The result will have great consequences for the nation.

This election offers a choice is between two men with dramatically different visions of the future. We have strong feelings about this choice. But we feel even more strongly that all Americans, regardless of political preference, have a stake in the outcome and should vote in this critical election.

This is likely to be a close election. Your vote matters. Please use it and make a difference.

Trent Reznor

Ok. First off. You're a musician. Make some decent music. No one cares about your political views. At least not me. If I cared what you thought, you'd be a politician, and I probably still wouldn't, but at least you'd have the right to tell me to vote.

Where do you get off telling me this? Is John McCain telling me to pick up "Death Magnetic"? No. He's not.

Did Obama suggest I go see "High School Musical 3"? Or ask me if I was upset that Onch got voted off of Paris's show? He sure didn't.

This goes for all musicians. I really lose respect for you when you shove your views down my throat. This goes for Christian bands too. If I care about the word of the lord, I'll go to church, not to the latest UnderOath album.

Boo Trent Reznor. I'm disappointed in you. I was disappointed when you felt the need to talk about George Bush in "Year Zero". One, it dates your music. Two, it's just plain stupid. Now you've wasted my time. What I thought was maybe a new song or hell, even a new remix, was just a ploy for you to spew your dogmatic drivel.

02 November 2008

more new music

Well, fleet foxes didn't work out for me at all....it's not my style, so I moved on. I know the frou frou will be good because Imogen's voice is just amazing. My Sunday evening has been spent looking for more new music. I am out of touch with my hot topic bands I guess. I didn't know "Bayside" had a new album. How dare I not stay up on them. I actually do like them. So I'll definitely be giving them a listen. I'll also be checking out the following:

These Arms Are Snakes - Tail Swallower & Dove
O'Death - Head Home
Squarepusher - Just A Souvenir
Oh No, Oh My - Dmitrij Dmitrij EP

The Cure 4:13 dream - song by song review...by me!

Yep. So as I listen to the new album from "The Cure" I'm going to express my feelings through blog. Here I go.

1. Underneath the Stars - Never, and I mean NEVER start an album out with a slow song. I just don't see the point. Normally I would have skipped this by now. 6 1/2 minutes of complete boredom. Radiohead fans will love this.

2. Only One - I think i've heard this single before like 6 months ago when they were talking about the album. Yep, definitely have. At least Robert sounds like old Robert here. Best song so far. And that's not difficult considering the first one, that's for sure. I wish I had more to say, or I wish I was such a cure fanatic that I could make endless comparisons to older tracks but I can't.

3. Reasons Why - Hmm, more like reasons why i'm still unimpressed. I don't really know what i'm expecting though. I guess i'm expecting something that is going to garner more than this 1 play. Something I'm going to obsess over for at least a week. Mid-tempo track. Uninspiring guitar track.

4. Freakshow - maybe I need the lyric sheets with this album to have any idea what he's talking about. Robert sounds good. I will say that. I really miss the synth. What happened? This is more upbeat.

5. Sirensong - ok. I'm officially bored. The remaining 7 or 8 songs are gonna have to wait. I can't do this.

First 5 songs, 8 thumbs down out of 10.

This is why ticketmaster is ridiculous.....

Tickets (Of Montreal)
Total Convenience Charge(s)

US $8.10 x 2

Additional Taxes US $1.54
Order Processing Charge(s) US $5.57
TicketFast Delivery What's this? What is TicketFast®?We'll e-mail you a link to your ticket(s). To pick them up, simply log in, print them out and present them at the venue.

US $2.50


$65.81??? Are you kidding? That's like bringing another person? You're gonna charge an extra $25? And that's not even for a hard copy of the tickets. They're not doing any work at all. Fuck you ticketmaster, we'll be going to the box office.

Greedy bastards.


Ok. So I totally passed on the 3 bands I was supposed to check out. Rudyard's in Houston wasn't all it was cracked up to be. I now understand why people think it smells in there. Because, it does.

Anyway, i'll update on the halloween festivities later. I've got some albums i'm gonna check out in this week. So i'll let you know if you're worth listening to. Some maybe be old or what not, but i've never heard em, so they're new to me. They are as follows:

Sam Sparro - S/T
Frou Frou - Details
Film School - Hideout
Fleet Foxes - S/T

I feel like there was one more...but can't think of it right now.

How the hell is it november?