23 July 2009


So my good friend Bubba and i ventured out to buffalo tuesday night to catch Torche and Harvey Milk at the Tralf. Despite the downpour, my grinding brakes, my Garmin directing us to the wrong Main street (and running out of juice only moments after) we made it on time and it was sooooooo worth the trouble. These guys are definitely one of the most energetic bands i have seen in a while. Once in a great while you catch one of those bands where you can tell every single member loves what they do and looks like they're having a blast doing it. Got to talk with Jonathan, their bass player for a while too. He plays in a grindcore band i really dig called Shitstorm, and i managed to scoop up the last tee they had with them. Bubba got one of the many airborne drumsticks and had Rich (Torche drummer) sign it, which totally made his night. Also got a the Healer/Across The Shields 12"+ dvd set and a Torche tee, but who cares? Harvey Milk was decent. I'm a big fan of the sludge/doom/swamp-metal stuff, but they were just a hair too slow for my liking and the vocals kinda turned me off. They did play "Motown" though, which is one of their only songs i really like. So here's some pics from the show of both bands, and a video of Torche's first couple songs. enjoy!

Lamb of God - Smooth Jazz Version

16 July 2009

Itunes, Yo

We are pleased to announce that our latest full length effort "Everything I Have Is Nothing I Need" is now available on iTunes for 9.99. This is cool if you're one of our many out of town fans who are just DYING to get their hands on our sweet tunage but don't have the means to get their hands on an actual physical copy. You can also listen to previews of each track if you're on the fence on this particular purchase. So if you dig us and you're hip to the whole iTunes scene, you should buy our album on itunes. And if you're into just like, not paying for stuff, here's a free ep for your freeloadin' ass:

Feast On The Yeast 2 - The Shitpile E.P.

Well written blog on megadeth vs. metallica

Megadeth vs. Metallica

King Diamond? Oh, I think not.


a gift to the fine viewers of this blog

Rob and i's new digital creatin, "Feast On The Yeast Volume 2: The Shitpile EP" is now available for FREE download @ the following location:

It's got some remixes and live versions of a few tracks off our debut full-length, plus our Pixies and Death From Above 1979 covers. give er' a listen won't you?

13 July 2009

07 July 2009

New Megadeth!!!

Download a free MP3 of "Head Crusher", the first track from Megadeth's upcoming new album "Endgame" at RoadrunnerRecords.com. Hurry, the download is available for 24 hours only, ending on July 8 at 11AM EST. http://www.roadrunnerrecords.com/headcrusher/

06 July 2009

MJ and Lil' Wayne?

I've heard worse I guess. Check it out for yourself.
MJ & Lil' Wayne "Dirty Diana" Remix

02 July 2009


Check out blip.fm It allows you to basically be your own dj. You can choose from a pretty strong selection of music and instead of people "adding" or "following" you, they become listeners.

My only issues with the site are there are numerous "dead links" when trying to find music to play and also you can't filter out between songs and videos. But other than that, it's great! Check it out!

Rob Fiasco on blip.fm