12 January 2009

SCR Review

*_Eyes At Half Mast_*

Eyes At Half Mast is the latest release from Portland, Oregon’s Talkdemonic.. Originally a solo project (founding member Kevin O’Connor’s first shows used pre-recorded backing tracks,) Talkdemonic blends hip-hop style beats with piano, viola primarily to achieve their unique sound. While the album is essentially an instrumental (sans a few backing chants here and there), the music holds your attention enough to not even notice. The beats are groove-laden and fit hand in glove with Lisa Molinaro’s beautiful viola sounds. One can’t help wonder where this band would go if one of them would lay a verse down here and there, maybe even a catch chorus, but it seems the duo has found their niche. The best track on the album by far is ‘duality of deathening’. The harmonies and note choices are somewhat eerie and one might expect some underground rapper to lay down some rhymes
but nonetheless the tune is well written and thought provoking. Who knows how far talkdemonic will take their instrumental symphony but they’ve already spent a few years touring the country playing with bands like Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and The National. Unfortunately their myspace provides no information about any upcoming tours, but keep an ear out and an eye open should they ever come to your town.

(Arena Rock Recording Co-- 17 SE 3rd Ave. #405, Portland, Oregon 97214; http://www.arenarockrecordingco.com/ ; Talkdemonic -- http://talkdemonic.com/ )

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