23 December 2009

Favorite stuff of the year Part I, by George Moore (The Cryptic Yeast, Full Rabbit Records)

2009 for me was all about the experimental hardcore, stoner metal, powerviolence, and grindcore. If you can't get into those genres, i'm sorry but i have nothing to offer you. Look at Pitchfork or Spin or something because i didn't venture too far outside of those genres, and i don't really regret it either. In all seriousness it was an AMAZING year for heavier music. it seems like every band i'm into, and even some i wasn't a huge fan of before, really stepped up their game and made some killer albums. so check it out, or don't:

20: Every Time I Die - New Junk Aesthetic

19: Kylesa - Static Tensions

18: Psyopus - Odd Senses

17: Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave

16: Narrows - New Distances

15: Weekend Nachos - Unforgivable

14: Battletorn - Reflect The Filth

13: Brutal Truth - Evolution Through Revolution

12: Gaza - He is Never Coming Back

11: Mastodon - Crack The Skye

10: Hatred Surge - Deconstruct

9: Isis - Wavering Radiant

8: Magrudergrind - Magrudergrind

7: Black Cobra - Chronomega

6: Coalesce - OX

5: Pelican - What We All Come To Need

4: Doomriders - Darkness Come Alive

3: Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Agorapocalypse

2: Converge - Axe To Fall

1: Baroness - Blue Record

Stay tuned for part 2, my favorite splits, eps, compilations, and shows of the year. thanks for readin.

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