02 November 2008

The Cure 4:13 dream - song by song review...by me!

Yep. So as I listen to the new album from "The Cure" I'm going to express my feelings through blog. Here I go.

1. Underneath the Stars - Never, and I mean NEVER start an album out with a slow song. I just don't see the point. Normally I would have skipped this by now. 6 1/2 minutes of complete boredom. Radiohead fans will love this.

2. Only One - I think i've heard this single before like 6 months ago when they were talking about the album. Yep, definitely have. At least Robert sounds like old Robert here. Best song so far. And that's not difficult considering the first one, that's for sure. I wish I had more to say, or I wish I was such a cure fanatic that I could make endless comparisons to older tracks but I can't.

3. Reasons Why - Hmm, more like reasons why i'm still unimpressed. I don't really know what i'm expecting though. I guess i'm expecting something that is going to garner more than this 1 play. Something I'm going to obsess over for at least a week. Mid-tempo track. Uninspiring guitar track.

4. Freakshow - maybe I need the lyric sheets with this album to have any idea what he's talking about. Robert sounds good. I will say that. I really miss the synth. What happened? This is more upbeat.

5. Sirensong - ok. I'm officially bored. The remaining 7 or 8 songs are gonna have to wait. I can't do this.

First 5 songs, 8 thumbs down out of 10.

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