05 June 2011

it's been a boring Sunday....but i'll take it.

forced myself to sleep in until 8 this morning. had a few drinks last night and passed out pretty early.

had a bowl of Post Selects 'Cranberry Almond Crunch' with a cut up banana and a piece of peanut butter toast to start my day. the gym here doesn't open until 10am so I was sitting in the parking lot at 9:50 patiently awaiting.

did 3.5 miles which I was rather impressed with. i need to set a goal so that i have something to train for. 5k, 10k, anything really. the ultimate goal is a half marathon although i know i'm a ways away from that.

after a brief workout with weights i headed home and made a post workout smoothie that was delicious.

i had planned on getting up on the roof and blowing the leaves off from the storm we had 2 weeks ago but i don't have a ladder and my neighbors aren't home. it's a 100 degrees right now so maybe that's not a bad thing but i leave for NY next week and the house is up for sale so i'd like it to look as nice as possible.

i made a marinade for the boneless chicken breast that i'm going to grill tonight. it was pretty simple really. it only required soy sauce, sherry wine, vegetable oil, brown sugar and garlic. i didn't have any fresh garlic so i used a bit of garlic powder. i hope that's ok. the vegetables for a side are pretty slim right now so it appears i'll be having broccoli and most likely brown rice. i'm okay with that.

i'm attempting to watch some documentary on netflix called "Killer at Large". it showed a 12 year old getting liposuction. gross. i definitely wasn't the healthiest eater at that age but i'm sure glad i never had to go through anything like that. it's sad how obesity is affected our youth and they're not educated enough to do something about it.

i'm still waiting on amazon to credit me for the dvd's, games, random crap i didn't want so that I can get a kindle. so many books i want to read and i'll finally have the time to do it.

how's your weekend? does anyone read this? at some point i hope to take this blog more serious and improve on the layout and overall content. add that to my list!

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Michael Schang said...

I just scoped your blog. Things are hard all over. Everything will work out the way they are supposed to. Glad to hear you are going back to NY. People miss you back there. Family and friends are definately the right remedy. Trust me..... I know. Haha. It sucks that I move and you move back. Bad timing. See you in the near future sir!