30 May 2011

just another manic monday....

the rest of my sunday was rather relaxing. i made a vegetable stir fry with brown rice that was absolutely delicious and went for an outside run in the 90 degree heat. after doing ab ripper x, and hitting the gym for a workout yesterday, my body can definitely use a day off to recoup.

i managed to sleep probably close to 10 hours. i never sleep that much. i was in bed at 10 but i was watching some streaming tv on hulu so i'm not quite sure what time i actually fell asleep.

cleo expects me to be up at 5am every day to feed her, so if i'm not up, she meow's and it echoes throughout the whole house. i quickly went back to bed after that.

this morning I had some banana nut crunch cereal topped with a banana and fat free milk. i had a glass of oj on the side and finished it off with a cup of coffee from the keurig. i love that thing!

photo (1)

i think i was/am supposed to help with yardwork today but the whereabouts of the person i am to be helping is unknown. until then i think i will clean up my car a bit and pack a few things that i can put in storage since i'll be leaving in 12 days.

i've been watching a little bit of the french open. i used to be obsessed with tennis. i played a little over a month ago for the first time in years. it was a great workout. i need to get back into it.

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