28 May 2011


i hope to start blogging more in the near future. and what started off as a music blog will most likely change into an overall life blog. with the recent changes that have occurred during the last month or so, better yet, the last year or so, i've been increasingly more interested in health and exercise.

in 2 weeks i'll be leaving texas and heading back to ny for the summer. i think it will ultimately be good for me but i'm going to miss it here. except the heat. and driving around with no ac. but that will soon change. i'm going to use this time off to reflect on the last 3 and a half years here. what went wrong, what went right and what i can do to make it better.

i just traded in all my dvd's and games to amazon via their trade in program. check it out if you haven't heard of it. you get an amazon gift card which will be purchasing me a kindle. for the longest time i wanted an ipad and even a nook but i know that ultimately i would spend less time reading and more time checking facebook or watching videos or basically anything that wasn't reading.

speaking of facebook, i love it for keeping in touch with people but i'm starting to really notice how much of an effect it has on people's lives and i don't like it. i'm therefore putting an effort to reduce my time spent there. it's a time suck that's for sure. working at a bank (especially in the drive thru) I help many customers who are so preoccupied with their phones that they can't even say hi. it's insane. go to a bar, look around. you'll see groups of people hanging out but they're all on their phone. why can't we enjoy the company we are with? if those people were worth your time, they'd be hanging out with you, not texting or posting on fb.

sorry for that rant. back on topic. so anyway, i plan on reading, running, working out and learning to eat as healthy as possible while still gaining weight (muscle mass hopefully). and once and for all quitting smoking. I won't be able to afford it in NY anyways. especially while i'm not working.

hopefully my plans all work out. i think if they do it'll be amazing for me and give me the strength i need to keep moving forward, especially when i'm back in texas and back at school.

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