29 May 2011

Sunday Funday

so i actually forced myself to stay in bed until 8am today. I'm usually up at 5am for work but since I actually have 2 days off (with monday being a holiday), I decided to go for it and catch up on some sleep. i'm sure it helped that i had 5 beers last night also.

nonetheless I got up and made myself 2 eggs and toast with oj and had a cup of coffee followed by a cup of tea. the gym i go to doesn't open until 10 on sundays so i read a few blogs and put some music on my phone then headed for a workout.

i ran 20 minutes straight which is good for me. still not where i want to be but i'm getting there and slowly increasing my speed. overall i did 2.5 miles. still not 5k worthy but i'll get there.

after 30 mins on the treadmill i did some upper body exercises since i've been trying to make it look like i have at least some kind of muscle in the chest area. i increased the weight on most of the machines and did as many reps as i could.

headed to smoothie king afterwards for a chocolate hulk. almost 900 calories in the small size. yum! i think i'm addicted to them.

went to target to get some new headphones since mine disappeared and the ones that come with the iphone are not ideal for running. i hope these ones work better so i don't look like an idiot adjusting them every 2 seconds.

target always has the best deals on smart water. my favorite water ever. the larger bottles weren't on sale but i got 10 700ml bottles and a 6 pack of 700ml bottles for $10. you can't beat that price.

other than that i picked up some bread, a card for my dad's birthday which is tuesday (i won't even be able to mail it out til then...fail), some razors and hair dye. i'm very self-conscious about being 32 and gray and have been dying my hair for probably 15 years. i don't see myself stopping until 40. then i can be distinguished.

not sure what i have planned for the rest of this day. organizing, packing, relaxing and eating some of the delicious cherries and watermelon i bought yesterday.

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